What is a Bid Butler or Bid Buddy

A bid butler is a tool to help you develop a winning strategy by letting you bid automatically in the last seconds of an auction.
So let’s imagine you’re trying to win, let’s say, a Vizio 3D TV. It’s 6PM, the auction is going to close in a few seconds. So you step in, bid against other people. Unfortunately, more people want this tv set, so you have to come up with an strategy. You have 3 options to set the bid-butler:

1) 30 seconds – usually you set this one trying to win the last bid, but it’s uncommon these days an auction close with only a handful bids
2) 10 seconds – you’re going to place a bid just after the timer breaks the 10 seconds mark (remember, it’s going back to 15 seconds after you bid).
3) 5 seconds – you’re going to bid in the final 5 seconds

You can place one bid, 10 bids or hundreds of bids. They will follow your instruction and bid in those timeframes. But there are some things you need to know:
1) The bid-butler is not going to bid exactly in the 10 or 5 seconds mark. It’s more like ‘somewhere in between’. Why? Because the bid-butler have it’s own timer, separated from the system timer. This is both for security and fair-play reasons, so other bid-butlers that also have the same setting can bid too.
2) A bid-butler will bid according to your programming. That doesn’t mean it will ALWAYS bid, there is a chance it won’t bid in the final 5 seconds. Approximately every 100 bids, your bid-butler may skip a bid. This is a measure to counter never-ending auctions and give people that are actually watching the auction to win.
3) So you see, a bid-butler will not replace a human; it’s only a tool to keep your strategy running good. That doesn’t mean a bid-butler can’t win an auction, they may or may not win – but a human being is always much more precise, right?
4) Don’t worry about the unused bids in case you win or get outbid, they are returned to your account
5) You can always go to My account and cancel your bid-butlers

Confused? Ok, let’s go back to the Vizio 3D TV. So your strategy is: set a bid-butler to place 40 bids in the last 10 seconds. That will keep the auction going for a few more minutes, you can take a coffee.

When you come back, you realize this TV was last sold for $28.31. Although every auction is different, you can base your strategy from there. You decide to step in again when the auction comes near to $21 – that is an strategy, because your first 40 bids in the beginning of the countdown surely drove many beginners out, because it’s frustrating for a beginner to see the clock going back to 15 seconds all the time. Your initial strategy probably made a lot of people lose all their bids. Back to the auction, now you step in with single bids, only when the clock is near 3 seconds – remember, waiting to the last second is not wise, specially if you have a sub-par internet connection. An expensive item like this will go on for a while, right? So you can keep bidding in the last 3 seconds, or… set a bid-butler for the last 5 seconds!

This is a mini-strategy – people often get very frustrated if you set a good ‘bidding early’ or ‘bidding late’ strategy. But you want this item, don’t you? Prepare your budget and your bid-butler and extend this auction until someone gives up, keep doing some single bids in between and… Congratulations, you got a Vizio 3D for a few pennies!

So what are Penny Auctions? How do I win?

Penny auctions are auctions that increase only one cent ($0.01) per bid. If no one else bids in the last 15 seconds, you win! That easy! Every time someone bids in the last seconds, the clock resets back to 15 seconds. If you want to win penny auctions, you need to pay attention and have a strategy. Read our guide to get acquainted with penny auctions and get ready to win!

How do I score high priced items in your Bid Auctions?

Everyone has an strategy. Although getting a Macbook for $50 sounds tempting, remember, you need to invest some time and probably money too. Bid Auctions are not difficult to win, you can almost always win bid auctions for the less expensive items without investing a lot. Then, you should go from there. Mastering the less expensive items will lead to a better understanding of bid auctions, and, ultimately, get you trained to compete for the expensive items. Remember, the more bids you have, more chances you have to win. Hummbid gives progressive discounts for more expensive packages. So get yourself some bids and nail those auctions!