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So what are Penny Auctions? How do I win?

Penny auctions are auctions that increase only one cent ($0.01) per bid. If no one else bids in the last 15 seconds, you win! That easy! Every time someone bids in the last seconds, the clock resets back to 15 seconds. If you want to win penny auctions, you need to pay attention and have a strategy. Read our guide to get acquainted with penny auctions and get ready to win!

How do I score high priced items in your Bid Auctions?

Everyone has an strategy. Although getting a Macbook for $50 sounds tempting, remember, you need to invest some time and probably money too. Bid Auctions are not difficult to win, you can almost always win bid auctions for the less expensive items without investing a lot. Then, you should go from there. Mastering the less expensive items will lead to a better understanding of bid auctions, and, ultimately, get you trained to compete for the expensive items. Remember, the more bids you have, more chances you have to win. Hummbid gives progressive discounts for more expensive packages. So get yourself some bids and nail those auctions!